Channel Partner of the Year 2018 by Simco-Ion, Technology Group

30 三月 2019

Dou Yee Enterprises is proud to be presented the Global Sales Award by Simco-Ion Technology Group for :-

Channel Partner of the Year 2018 – Singapore
Channel Partner of the Year 2018 – Taiwan
Channel Partner of the Year 2018 – Nanjing

 These awards are conferred in recognition of our outstanding sales efforts in achieving record-breaking revenue for Simco-Ion’s products in the regions.

Dou Yee Enterprises hereby accords its appreciation to the tremendous supports rendered by Simco-Ion Technology Group and to all our staff whose dedication and excellent efforts have made such achievement possible.

[SG in Europe – Dou Yee International] from Ministry of Trade & Industry

4 十一月 2018

Founded in 1982, Dou Yee International is an integrated business with leading expertise in various sectors including electro-static control and management, electronic packaging material and precision metal injection molding. Dou Yee’s venture into the EU market came with Dou Yee Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd’s acquisition of EUROSTAT Group, a pioneer in the electrostatic discharge consumables market, driving growth and market share with the company’s existing business network.

Executive Chairman Mr Soo Ye Wah shares on how the company has benefited from its EU expansion and why it is excited about the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA).


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我国和欧盟签署自贸协定 本地企业料从中获益

20 十月 2018










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Dou Yee Enterprises opened new sales office in NanJing

7 十一月 2017
Dou Yee Enterprises has announced the opening of the new NanJing sales office – Dou Yee Electronic Technologies (Nanjing) Limited on 7 November 2017. The new premise is located at Room 910, Wanda Plaza Wanda Center Block A, 102 Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye District, Nanjing, 210019.

The new sales team is a group of highly motivated and dedicated professionals trained and experienced in providing the best products and solutions. Dou Yee Enterprises is excited about the expansion throughout China and the development of its new team.

The evident growth within the China market and the arising new opportunities are the key drivers for the expansion. The new office will further enable Dou Yee Enterprises to build closer relationships and strengthen the commitment to China customers.

New National University of Singapore Centre for Additive Manufacturing to focus on biomedical technology

27 十月 2017

AM.NUS is working closely with industry partners to develop and transfer AM technologies for biomedical applications. AM.NUS has signed signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with four industry partners for collaboration.

Local SME, Dou Yee Technologies, which has an established base of manufacturing in powder injection moulding will collaborate with AM.NUS to develop 3D printed precision parts using ceramic and metal materials.


Glocom Marketing is now part of Dou Yee International

10 十月 2017

DOU YEE INTERNATIONAL is pleased to announce the acquisition of Glocom Marketing Pte Ltd

GLOCOM Marketing was established in 1987 as an EMI/ RFI Shielding Solution Provider. It has added new products like Microwave Absorbers, Thermally Conductive Silicones and Functional Elastomers into company portfolio over the years and has the capabilities to undertake high volume manufacturing in high precision Die Cutting, Plastic Injection Molding, Compression Molding and Photo Etching Processes.

Glocom Marketing has successfully custom formulated and processed USP Class V and Class VI Medical Grade Silicone and Food Grade plastics for several new consumable markets.

In future, Glocom Marketing will continue to strive for consistent improvement and new innovation to serve and meet the increasing market demand.

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Eurostat Safety Shoe & Sheffield Hand Tools

3 十月 2017
- New products launched by Dou Yee Enterprises into Indonesia.

Scaling the security industry with new technologies and skills

26 八月 2017

SINGAPORE - From security drones that can detect an intruder's heat signature to robots that perform patrolling duties - these were some of the new technologies on display at the first Security Day held at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub on Saturday (Aug 26).

Organised by Workforce Singapore (WSG) and supported by the Ministry of Home Affairs, SkillsFuture Singapore and NTUC's Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), the event was held in conjunction with the launch of the Security Productivity Initiative (SPI).

The initiative is aimed at helping security companies develop a competent and lean manpower workforce by raising their productivity through security technologies that can be scaled according to their needs.


新闻 2

27 五月 2017

Manufacturing firms from Singapore are exploring opportunities in the Central and Eastern European region, particularly in automotive and aerospace sectors which are strong engines of growth for the local economies.

"Singapore-based manufacturer, Dou Yee Enterprises, which provides materials and equipment for industries including data storage, biomedical, electronic and automobile industries, is part of the business delegation and exploring the possibility of setting up a manufacturing plant in Poland.

President Tham Wai Mun said he visited Czech-headquartered car manufacturer Skoda to gain "market knowledge and insights into its strategy", as some of Skoda’s suppliers are among Dou Yee’s customer base."

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新闻 1

3 三月 2017

Singapore scientists have developed a packaging material that could help reduce the growing amount of food waste produced in the country.

Its ability to prevent oxygen from entering the packaging can extend the shelf life of food by at least 50 per cent. Oxygen, among other things, is needed for micro-organisms such as mould to grow, and these are the nasty bugs that cause food to turn bad.

Creators of the material are working with home-grown manufacturing company Dou Yee Enterprises to produce it for the retail market. They are starting small, with a few hundred thousand pieces at a time.

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Announcement of Dou Yee Enterprises - Shanghai Branch Office Relocation

28 十月 2016

We are proud to announce that DYSH has just moved to a new office location on 28 October 2016. Our new office address is
No. 559, NingQiao Road, JinQiao, PuDong District (New), ShangHai 201206 China. 上海市浦东新区宁桥路559号,邮编:201206
; where we will continue to serve our customers in the same friendly manner as before.

Our office numbers will remain the same as
Tel:+86-21-5899 4619 
Fax:+86-21-5899 4618

Our new and larger space office location allows us to add more functions in order for value-added service to all our customers.

Dou Yee Enterprises’ Beneficial Ways

3 二月 2016
SITizens have a steadfast friend in Dou Yee Enterprises, the total industrial solutions provider that has supported them through an endowed bursary since 2013 


Rejection of big money pays off for manufacturer

18 六月 2013

FOUNDERS of successful businesses often receive attractive buyout offers but the lure of a quick buck failed to tempt entrepreneur Soo Ye Wah.

The offer of big money came as Mr Soo was turning Dou Yee International – a holding company for enterprises ranging from metal injection moulding to electronics – into a major manufacturing player.